Homecoming CD studio notes

A Short History
In 1978 the fusion music album, “Electric Vibes” by the Craig Peyton Group was recorded at Dan Hartman’s “Schoolhouse” studio and released on the Morris Leavy Group’s Buddah/Sutra record label. With the album receiving good airplay and sales, the CPG toured throughout the east coast. As time passed everyone got busy with other studio work/gigs, and the Craig Peyton Group played it’s last show at the
Brecker Brother’s, ‘7th Ave South club’ in 1979. Never too late for a fusion revival, 37 years later in 2014 the original CPG band members got together for a jam session, and decided to continue working on music, hang out at The Music Building, and drink too much coffee. Homecoming is the result of our recent sessions, and musical evolution.


Toby and Craig having a very important meeting at Grand Central..


Crawford Brown (CPG 5th member) recorded and mixed “Homecoming”


Here’s John doing the heavy lifting in post production

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