Peyton R&B Dance Hit compilation

The 80’s were a busy time for me…I invite you to journey back 40 + years to the dawn of sequencer driven dance music and R&B tracks. Over a hour of music here, I hope you enjoy the ride.

  1. ‘Radioactive’ Steps Ahead, CP co-writer/producer w Michael Mainieri on ‘Modern Times’ CD (feat the great Michael Brecker on sax)
  2. Vertigo/Relight My Fire Dan Hartman 8:15 (CP electricvibes/synth & all effects) A smash global hit in ’79, Vertigo got me going in the studio world.
  3. ‘Just B Thankful’ 17:38 (CP vocal & all tracks) My debut on Profile Records. Very early sequencer/mallet adventure, still in dance club rotation.
  4. ‘Love of a Lifetime’ Melba Moore 24:32 (CP track writer/arranger with Jolyon Skinner) Worked with the great Keith Diamond on this classic.
  5. ‘That’s When We’ll Be Free’ State of Grace 29:39 (CP vibe solo, Profile Records)
  6. ‘It’s Alright’ NV 35:04 (CP full track writer/player) My first hit with the legend Darryl Payne
  7. ‘Where Ya Gonna B Tonight’ Will Collins 39:59 (CP full track, lyrics with Jolyon Skinner)
  8. ‘Let Me Do You’ NV 44:48 (CP track & arrangement) working with Shep Pettybone including the amazing debut of Will Downing singing lead.
  9. ‘Love Oasis’ Patris 50:05 (CP track & production w Nelson Cruz for Emergency Records)
  10. ‘The Dream’ John Rocca 56:05 (CP full track, Fairlight III, working w Arthur Baker, Nelson Cruz
  11. ‘The One That Got Away’ 01:01:05 was never published, but shows you the style of tracking we worked on back in the day. We often developed the music before any vocal or production. Any ideas?

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