The Craig Peyton Group2016

Before the Fall(Peyton, Putnam, Thompson C-Factor Music, BMI)

Nebadon(Peyton, Putnam, Marchica, Thompson, C-Factor Music)

Walk on By(B. Bacharach, Hal David, New Hidden Valley Music Co./Casa David, ASACP)


John Putnam, Guitars


Ray Marchica, Drums


Marcelino Thompson, Bass


Craig Peyton, Electric Vibes


In 1980 the fusion music album, “Electric Vibes” by the Craig Peyton Group was recorded at Dan Hartman’s “Schoolhouse” studio and released on the Morris Levy Group’s Buddah/Sutra record label. With the album receiving good airplay and sales, the CPG toured throughout the east coast. As time passed everyone got busy with other studio work/gigs, and the Craig Peyton Group played it’s last show at the Brecker Brother’s, ‘7th Ave South club’ in 1982. Thirty three years later in 2014 the original CPG band members got together for a jam session, and decided to continue working on music, hang out at The Music Building, and drink too much coffee. This album, “Homecoming”,  is the result of our recent sessions, and musical evolution.  

Featuring Craig Peyton on electric Vibes, John Putnam on Guitar, Ray Marchica on Drums and Marcelino Thompson on Bass, “Homecoming” is an engaging blend of Groove Jazz,  Fusion, and Instrumental Soul. “We really aimed to  play well as individuals, but really make the interplay between the four of us the main focus” says Putnam. All on board agree that this has been a joyous  reunion ENJOY!





Produced By: John Putnam & Craig Peyton
Recorded: 11/30/15 & 12/7/15 at The Loft, Bronxville, NY
Recording Engineer: Crawford Brown
Mixed January-March 2016 at: CCBSound Studio, North Salem, NY
Mix Engineer: Crawford Brown
Web site & CD design & development: Toby Rosser Design
Homecoming Cover Shot: “Homesick Angel”, Craig Peyton

                                                                       CRAIG PEYTON GROUP "HOMECOMING"

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 We're off to a good start with 'Jazz Mine', in Dublin. (#2)

Michael Arens, Publisher of SoulTrain in Germany just gave us this review, with a raffle contest: "In 1978, the debut album of Ray Marchica (drums and percussion), John Putnam (guitar), Marcelino Thompson (bass) and last but not least Electric Vibes Streichler Craig Peyton aka the Craig Peyton Group, the new business ran after Decades of isolation 2014 and again came together and finally in this wonderful new jazz fusion album between new Age, Latin, groove and soul structures called "Homecoming" culminates - gorgeous and a not entirely impartial."  SOULTRAIN HOT TIP! The full english translation is here.
The review+raffle is online (it’s our SOUL TRAIN HOT TIP!!!)! Here is the link:www.soultrainonline.de/the-craig-peyton-group-homecoming
 From Patty Blee"It's no coincidence there's an old propeller airplane on the cover of the new Craig Peyton Group album... This will take you on quite a journey, true old-school sound that still soars... the title track will leave you Breathless"
From Kate J. Weiner: I wasn’t really sure what I was going to be hearing when I inserted the disc. But boy, what a pleasure. Each member of your group is a really good musician. I got very excited. You’re tight and your tunes are layered and always interesting to follow.
Check Us out on JAZZ EXPANSIONS RADIOhttp://www.dqrm.com/downloads/2016/je/major_2016_34.mp3 DJ Major Brooks gives us a spin about 24 mins into his show...good program to know about for all jazz lovers! The full web address is here: http://www.dqrm.com/jazzexpansions/
Craig.........what a fantastic piece...and truly as soon as track 4, I  went to my CD player to see what it was!   Awww...this CD is my new music for life.
ps I also bought your book from your site for kindle...
❤ Helene Jorgensen
Even Rabbits are grooving on 'Homecoming" 24/7 according to Beth Connolly, Hudson Valley 'Rabbit Wrangler'...she plays her rabbits Homecoming 24/7 on loop! Hope it has them f*cking like bunnies...ba da boom!